Technical Aspects & Templates


Audio files are required in high quality formats (.aiff, .wav, etc.) with a sampling rate higher than 44 kHz (48 kHz recommended) and a minimum resolution of 16 bits (24 bits recommended).

These files can be sent in physical or digital formats (using large file transfer platforms).

Time per side depending on sizes and speed we admit are listed in the table.


Print templates

Here you can download templates to prepare artwork. Files must be CMYK and have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and formats such as .psd, .indd, vector pdf …

These files can be sent via large file transfer platforms to:



SizesSpeedRecommended timeMax.
7”45 rpm3 min5 min
7”33 1/3 rpm4 – 5 min7 min
12”45 rpm9 – 10 min15 min
12”33 1/3 rpm15 – 18 min25 min