About Us


in vinyl we trust

KRAKATOA RECORDS is a project born from the passion for music and, more specifically, for its most extended and revered physical analog format: the vinyl record. As musicians, publishers or DJs, we lack close alternatives regarding record manufacturing, especially, considering the current state of the music scene and the large, on-growing variety of labels, of which a large number of independent labels stand out.

With this new venture we aim to contribute to the development of a stronger music industry and facilitate the publication and dissemination of what we love the most: music. Even better in a tangible physical format.

Since we first opened our doors in 2013, we have been constantly evolving to improve every aspect of our work in order to provide a professional and close customer service in addition to our high quality records. Therefore, our facilities and equipment have been upgraded, especially since we purchased a new automatic press with the most advanced technology guaranteed by Pheenix Alpha, leading company for vinyl record manufacturing machinery.

We respect, admire, and also feel part of a broad community made up by creators, musicians, record labels and collectives, which appreciate music with a special sensitivity. KRAKATOA demonstrates this by its desire to fulfil the edition service from a close commitment.

If you want to edit your music on vinyl, don’t hesitate to contact us!

We will inform and advise you on any concern.